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Chain of Responsibility training


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Over time material handling equipment operators may become complacent, forget rules or learn bad habits. AJM Training Service provides services to assist businesses to ensure their operators maintain their competence and are up to date with industry standards.

What AJM Training Service offers is a unique assessment service for businesses and their operators, to ensure businesses maintain their compliance under their Duty of Care.

AJM Training Services understands that refresher training is not only an important aspect of any workplace safety program but is also a legal requirement for employers under the OH&S/WHS regulations requiring site specific and refresher operator driver training to ensure safe work practices are maintained.

AJM Training Services unique service offers a one on one training assessment that provides true results of an operator’s competency, and also provides minimal impact to the business operation.

Contact us now so that AJM Training Services can assist your business to meet it’s obligations under the OH&S / WHS Regulations.