Enhance your operators skills & knowledge in Forklift Operations

We all know the Act's, Regulations, Codes of Practice, Laws and Australian Standards are always changing.

Here at AJM Training Services our mission is to have you know  this information so that your operators can undertake their work in a safe manner. This will assist your business and operators to meet their legal Duty of Care.


Fact - 95% of operators are not aware of their operational responsibilities when using attachments on Forklifts

Andrew McGuire

Our Assessors have over 70 Years Experience in the Transport, Logistics & Warehousing industry and in Forklift operations.

All our assessor at AJM Training Services have had a lifetime of working in the Transport, Logistics & Warehousing industry and have had a substantial working time in Forklift operations.


AJM Training Services Expert & Trusted Trainers & Assessors Strive to Help our Clients Enhance their operators skills and knowledge

Forklift Refresher Training

Refresher Training

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Chain of Responsibility

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Racking Inspections

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Why Choose Us?
We can offer your Business quality, flexible and cost effective training

AJM Training Services understands that refresher training is not only an important aspect of any workplace safety program but is also a legal requirement for employers under the OH&S/WHS regulations requiring site specific and refresher operator driver training to ensure safe work practices are maintained.


AJM Training Service's mission is to enhance competence in the workplace. We don't just provide training we also provide fully documented reporting, graph tables on operator skills & knowledge and an alert for operator licence renewals for your business.


What AJM Training Service offers is a unique assessment service for businesses and their operators, at your time of choosing. We will work with you to work within your window of operations, to assist your business in maintaining your compliance under your Duty of Care.

Cost Effective

AJM Training Services unique service offers a one on one refresher training assessment that provides true results of an operator’s skills and knowledge, and at the same time provides minimal impact to your business operation.