Operator Competency Assessment / Refresher

Over time forklift operators may become complacent, forget rules or learn bad habits. Conducting forklift refresher training can help an employer to overcome these problems and demonstrate that they are meeting their Duty of Care under the OH&S/WHS Act in making sure that workers are trained to perform their work safely.

This course is designed for those who have already obtained a valid photo forklift licence. The course focuses on increasing workplace health and safety awareness and provides guidance about safe forklift operation.

The AJM Training Services understands that refresher training is not only an important aspect of any workplace safety program but is also a legal requirement for employers under the OH&S/WHS regulations requiring site specific and refresher forklift driver training to ensure safe work practices.

Our forklift driver training refresher course covers safe operation and assesses attitudes to safety in the workplace.

Entry Requirements
Student must have a current High Risk Work photo licence for the class being assessed.

At your work site.

Course Start Dates
The AJM Training Services offer courses throughout the year to suit clients’ requests.

Contact Information
For further information please contact AJM Training Services:

Phone:             0429 156 197 or 1800 770 301
Web:                Contact Us

What is included in this course?
This course includes the following elements;

  • Check and assess equipment.
  • Hazard identification
  • Conduct routine checks – conduct pre and post operational checks.
  • Shift loads safely.
  • Shut down and secure equipment.
  • LPG decanting and changing bottles, Demonstration & Practical Test.
  • Verbal and theory questions

A certificate of completion will be issued for the competent completion of the assessment.
The  individual will be assessed using the following methods

  • Knowledge, verbal and theory questions
  • Skills, operations of the equipment

What will the employer get out of this?

  • A detailed report providing feedback on individual operator performance
  • A report containing any any issues or recommendations
  • Copies of the individual training competency reports (TCR)
  • The assurance that their operators are competent in the operation of the equipment

What types of competency assessments can be undertaken with The AJM Training Services?

  • Forklift Truck
  • Reach truck
  • Walkie Stacker
  • Order Picker
  • Turret Truck
  • Telehandler (Manitou or Telescopic Handler)
  • Pallet Mover
  • Attachments
  • InCab Truck Driver

How long does a competency assessment take?

  • The duration on average is 1 hour (depending on the operator)
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